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Congrats Team 811!!!

As many of you know, team 811 has worked very closely with our business team this year. They help us enter chairmans award for our first time since our teams founding,  and in fact we got almost a perfect score at the UNH District (Durham NH) event. Well Team 811 has qualified to go to Worlds because of their epic chairman’s video! we would like to congratulate them for this awesome accomplishment, and we hope that loan of our button maker helps them keep up with the demands for buttons  at St. Louis!

Good Luck Team 811!

Here is a link to their website

We did it

On Saturday our teams alliance won the granite state district challenge in Nashua high school south. we are greatly looking forward to our next competition at UNH in Durham on Thursday and Friday of this week. even better yet we have our eyes set on going to Boston for the competition there in photo of wow winning


we were chosen for the number one alliance with teams 138 entropy and 177  bobcat robotics to work with and POTENTIALLY win the competition today


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